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If you rent a level of your home, do not live with your tenant at the same residence, or temporarily rent out your home, you are a landlord and need the proper coverage. Homeowners insurance does not cover for loss of income during loss. As a landlord, you need to protect your property from damages such as fire, break-ins, severe weather and from you losing valuable income in the event the rental property or units become uninhabitable due to these circumstances or others that are beyond your control. With so many variables putting you and your investment in harm’s way, like fires, serious weather, vandals and liability claims, it would be wise to be prepared now. The smallest of claims could run thousands of dollars and if you are not covered with a proper insurance policy, those costs come out of your pocket.


Let’s take a look at a liability example:

If a visitor comes to your property and is staying with your tenant and falls in the shower, you should not be liable as this incident would fall under your tenants renters policy. However, if this visitor fell due to some type of negligence on your part (broken stairs, icy walkways, and cracked sidewalks) you have a liability claim on your hands.


As a landlord it is important to you to keep your investment healthy for as long as possible. You put a lot of time and effort into finding the right renters, keeping up with repairs, and various other consuming tasks. Worrying about insurance should not be one of these worries. A well-made Landlord policy is tailored to your specific needs, protecting you from the cost of damages and liability claims. When you obtain loss of income coverages you will also get the peace of mind you will be compensated for the duration of the repairs. So let us guide you from beginning to end, knowing you’ll have that peace of mind and one less thing to worry about, when you hand over those keys. Call or click for a free, no obligation quote.